Common questions about CCcam
What is CCcam server?
What is CCcam? Actually it is a question that has been raised in many users’ mind. It is a kind of sharing system. If you receive a satellite like Hot Bird satellite (Europe) by your receiver, you will see that 60% of channels have no video and the reason why they are unavailable is that there is a $ sign in front of the channel name.

It means that this channel is unavailable due to some circumstances. A group of channels have been operated by a special group or company who may be contributed to an organization or a country that by spending money and program broadcasting they want to make a profit. For that, they purchase a viewing card in order for users to access the channels. As you see they are unavailable without using viewing card. One of the examples could be the package or a group of SKY it (sky Italy). Viewing card of these channels costs 1200 EUR annually. You have to purchase the card at reception ability of these channels, though you can pay a monthly subscription in Italy. As purchasing such a group of satellites with 170 channels in Europe costs a lot for Iranian, CCcam do this for the best group of satellites like packages (more than 40 groups like SKY) and eases the decoding by subscription. CCcam shares the viewing cards in CCcam server for several users and if the users want to receive attractive channels with high quality, they can purchase the shared viewing cards. This sharing system is done by using internet. Today all the receivers offered to market are provided with an input cable (LAN cable) which could be connected to the internet easily through modem. You can do the CCcam setting through menu. This means that having receiver which is connected to internet directly and having CCcam subscription in this order (IP/Port/Username/password), you can decode 90% of $ channels in your receiver. Currently, PC sat is the best provider of CCcam with the high quality in Iran. Providing real local cards (direct), despite other sites that hire lines with no direct local card, offers subscription.


One of the advantages of professional PC sat servers is providing Sky It / + groups/ Aljazeera Sport groups/ Pool Sat groups/SRG/ Dish TV etc real local cards. The difference between local and virtual NC cards is implied in quality. Therefore, PC sat providing local cards especially in Iran with professional account becomes contradistinguished from other sites and the best Card sharer database in Iran. It is the outrank CCcam service provider and always keep this innovation that users are provided with a low paying for subscription through online purchase. Using PC satCCcam will provide you with best moments which are watching your favorite packages with high quality that is provided by CCcam.

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About CCcam server
Simply CCcam is an internet sharing system with which more than 99% of satellite packages and channels that are not free would be available. In order to use CCcam service with best quality, an internet with speed of 128 kb/s is recommended. Connecting to an internet with low ping time will provide the best quality of CCcam. Using internet

cccam server

with lower speed like dial up due to low stability and high ping time is not recommended for this service. CCcam server is applicable on every receiver which has the ability to connect to the internet through LAN cable or wireless. More than 99% of new receivers offered in market have this ability. It is also applicable to all satellite cards (DVB).